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Le Pleynet

Immerse yourself in the heart of an exceptional experience and take a dog-sled ride to the 7 Laux mountains. It is in the Belledonne massif, at La Ferrière and at the top of the Pincerie chairlift that you will find the sled dog farms. The relationship between these polar dogs bred in packs and the human being gives a very special flavor to the experience that you won’t soon forget.



slipping into the skin of a


Meet the sled dogs and their breeders at the Pleynet or La Ferrière breeding farms. Slip into the skin of a Muscher for a day and forget all that around you to enjoy a moment without equal.

Sled dogs are often rightly praised for their incredible beauty, but they are also resistant to physical exertion and are distinguished by their great endurance.

Going on a dog sled ride for a day is a unique opportunity to see the mountain from another perspective and to become one with your pack, in a friendly atmosphere.

At Pleynet

An original stroll

By offering these activities, the breeding of the Clos de la Vallée Blanche allows you to understand a very particular way of life that has been used forthousand of years. Away from all the hustle and bustle, this activity resounds like a breath of fresh air and an invitation to discover the exceptional panorama of the 7 laux.

Hiking with a  sled dog on the summits of the 7 Laux is a practice that has been used since the dawn of time: the dog has been used for a long time in dog teams but it is with the Inuit people that it will be developed around the tenth century.

Discovering the world of sled dogs is an experience that you must absolutely live and that you can share as a family.

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