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in beautiful and spectacular landscapes
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Jas du Lièvre, Dent de Bedina, Cime de la Jasse, Pic de la Belle Étoile, Lac de la Jasse, Lac de Crop, Pas de la Coche, Lacs des Vénétiers, the Belledonne Massif is the ideal place for multiple hikes in beautiful and spectacular landscapes. It also opens on the surrounding chains such as the Chartreuse Massif or the Mont Blanc Massif

Discover magnificent and spectacular landscapes at the whim of your walks in 7 Laux.

Of course, before going on a hike, check the essential safety measures and accessories: weather, shoes, sunscreen, hat, clothing, water, snacks, itinerary adapted to the levels, etc …

Great escape Belledonne 

For trail lovers, this event, which takes place once a year, is an indispensableevent for top athletes. An integral crossing of the mountain chain of Belledonne leaving Vizille to join Aiguebelle in Savoy. 85 km with a passage through the mountain chain of Belledonne, with the highest point located at 2926 m. The ridges and balconies give way to unique panoramas.

The GR738, The crossing of Belledonne

Reserved for lovers of hiking, crossing of Belledonne is a magnificent 140 km hike through the GR 738. From the passes, you will have an amazingview of the surrounding summitsand the most famous peaks of the region. A hike thatcan be completedbetween 6 and 9 days. Of course, it is possible to hike on this GR738 without doing the entire crossing of Belledonne.

On the Shepherds Trails

Walk to the shepherds and take the same route as the animals that go in summer. With this hike you will discover the world of the pastures of Belledonne. Several hiking trails are available to you: the Crêt du Poulet, the Pra or Pré du Mollard  are part of it.

Hiking from Prapoutel to Habert d’Aiguebelle (with the possibility of going then to the Pas de la Coche or the Lacs de Vénétiers)

Across Allevard country

78 km of trails from Allevard to enjoy beautiful landscapes and amazing views of the Pointe de Rognier, the big mills or the Puy Gris. A hike that lasts between 3 to 5 days in the Breda Valley, punctuated of course by overnight stays in cottages or shelter.