Test orientation and skill with


A fun, outdoor sport that combines skills and hiking.

Are you looking for an activity suitable for the whole family and that is neither too sporty nor too boring? Why not test your orientation and your skills with disc golf? A fun, outdoor sport that combines skills and hiking. Will you be agile enough?


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On the slopes


with the family or friends

Hiking yes, because you must walk along a path that winds through the various landscapes of the massif de Belledonne. Disc golf, because you must complete the basics with a disc similar to a Frisbee  to advance on the course. The activity takes place in several stages:

  • Throw the disc from the start
  • Pick it up before rethrowing from its point of fall (complicated, but fun when it lands in brush or shrubs)
  • Reach the basket to validate the stage

At 7 Laux, it is possible to test your orientation and skills with the disc golf in 8 holes, 1h15, and almost 2.4 km, all from Prapoutel. In other words next to nothing  for a minimum of fun. That is the pleasure of playing disc golf, giving maximum pleasure and sharing with friends or family. Take the time to appreciate nature, take the time to pay attention to your surroundings and take the time to orient yourself and find your bearings in space.

Just like golf, the course must be completed in a limited number of strokes to avoid penalties.

In fact, this activity is complete, because in addition to developing your skills and hiking, it also enables children to read an IGN map, to learn about geographical topography and to move in an unfamiliar environment. (safe of course). Finally, it is a fun, educational, sporting activity, but not too much. Accessible to everyone including children aged 6 and above. It is also a perfect activity for those who do not like to walk too much.

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To Relaxwith the family
Totest your skills
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