Hurtling downhill on a mountain board

Thrill-seekers hang on!

Thrill-seekers hang on! Hurtling down the slopes on a mountain board in the 7 Laux resort will make many shiver. This funny contraption, a hybrid mix between snowboard and skateboard, keeps all its promises in terms of off-road descent. Warm up, do some flexibility exercises, let’s go!


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Thrills guaranteed!

To warm up a little, nothing beats a few gently sloping descents. You don’t have to be a major pro skateboarder or snowboarder, or necessarily equip yourself with a board with brakes. A large field, a large meadow and “voilà”, here are the pleasures of skiing found in summer.

Make way for new thrills and be careful not to get too carried away. And yes in the grass slope or if you launch on the 7 Laux forest trails, the contraption can quickly gain speed.

Launching like a pro

After some time of adaptation and initiation, it is high time to get started and go down the slopes in a mountain board. Equipped with all your body protections, you can access the P’tits Loups ski lift on the Prapoutel side. From here, you can easily reach the mountain board modules, the 2 boarder cross trails, as well as the different trails of all levels. To launch on the paths, you have to take the Bouquetins chairlift. From there, 2 hours of thrills await you with several kilometres of descent in nature and on the ski trails.


Once you are sure of yourself, the descents bring more and more big thrills. Nevertheless, hurtling down the slopes in a mountain board equipped with a brake is still a guarantee of safety. These allow you to slow down when the mountain board picks up too much speed.

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