Evolving from tree to tree

What could be more magical than being able to evolve from tree to tree, day or night, living great emotions?

Of course, everyone knows this feeling of adventure and this adrenaline rush that comes from the tree climb? But, how many have tried their hand at the night course? How many jumped on a zip line at sunset?



Côté Prapoutel


The7 Lauxadventure circuit allows you to live an extraordinary and surprising experience and evolve from tree to tree, day or night. During the day, you can only measure the extent of the 4 circuits and of the independent modules like the slaklines and the crazy jump. When evening comes, you admire the sunset over the valley and the Massif de Chartreuse and let yourself be carried away by a warm atmosphere around a barbecue during the summer season.

One evening a week, the adventure continues until 10 p.m. at night, to evolve from tree to tree, day or night. Prapoutel’s circuit takes on a whole new look, bathed in the glow of the floodlights that illuminate a forest where the sounds of the day have given way to the night life of its inhabitants. The front is necessary on the routes and also allows to discover unexpected trails.

The sky puts on a thousand colours to take on iridescent and glowing hues. Unforgettable memories are created! The sun plays with the trees before giving way to night time and night time activities.

For the night life at Prapoutel to turn into a truly special moment, they all end with a friendly moment over a drink. A moment of sharing where everyone can freely welcome their emotions and get their feet back on the ground. And for all those who can’t jump from tree to tree, day or night because of vertigo, a relaxing space with tables, hammock or even swings is arranged to watch others be the monkeys!

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