Electric quad biking

Electric quad biking and pretending to be a great pilot, it’s the dream of every child!

Act like a professional. There is nothing as exciting and fun as being able to finally drive a small motor vehicle! So today forget about the swimming pool or hikes and instead head for the quad routes of the 7 Laux resort.


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Sensations guaranteed


It is always easy to act like a professional, but not a reason to do anything. Firstly, it is imperative to wear a helmet and gloves. After that, the speed is set to a limit of 30 km / hour, which is already more than enough to experience  first speed sensations. Depending on the level and age, the quad tours will last from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Long enough for a little tour.

With its noiseless engine, it is possible to enjoy electric quad biking at the edge of the resort in Prapoutel. A short 15-minute tour gives you a hands-on experience to master the first gestures of safe driving. To experience more driving sensations and a longer driving time of up to 60 minutes, nothing beats a ride on the circuit.

A top activity for the summer

Riding an electric quad on Prapoutel is a magical experience for a child. Perched on their machine, the curves of the circuit are becoming more and more familiar. Thus, confidence is created and driving the quad becomes increasingly safe. In any case, with speed restricted to 30 km / hour, the risks are highly diminished. As for your little one, only seeing theirsmile makes you understand that you should quickly plan another visit for electric quad biking.

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