Axe throwing, blowgun shooting

If for Canadians this may seem like a national discipline and sport, here in the resort of 7 Laux, axe throwing is a great unusual activity to discover in summer. Others might prefer to test their agility on another activity: blowgun shooting.



Activities that require agility

You do not necessarily need to be very strong to throw an axe or shoot with a blow gun at the 7 Laux resort. It’s all about agility and skill. To throw an axe, everything depends on having your arm properly stretched. The power given to the gesture is not considered. To succeed in throwing an axe, everything resides in skill and agility. Of course, it is not a question of throwing an axe randomly, but doing the activity supervised by an instructor. Not everyone can be a lumberjack.

Do not think that blowgun shooting is an improvised activity. It requires a good posture, a good grip of the weapon, a good aim and above all excellent breath. The aim of shooting with the blowgun is important. If you look too far to the left or to the right, the shot will definitely be deflected and the target missed.

A multi-activity centre

Agility is tested daily in summer when throwing an axe or shooting the blowgun at Prapoutel. For outings with friends, family or even for team building, these new activities are highlighted. Get away for a day, let go completely to focus only on achieving your target. Here, refocusing and focusing is absolutely necessary. There is no room for being tense or nervous. These are two excellent activities in Prapoutel that allow you to free your mind completely.

Why is it so nice?
Having agood timewith family or friends
Testing youragility and precision
Doing anoutdoor activity