Tree Climbing Course

at sunset

I am sure all of you have at least once in your life went on a Tree Climbing Course with friends or with children. But how many of you have climbed their course at sunset?



At 7 Laux, the Belledonne Outdoor Adventure Park welcomes you in the late afternoon on the Prapoutel site to allow you to live a unique experience in a Tree Climbing Course at sunset. A wonderful way to end the day!

If the Tree Climbing Course enthusiasts are more used to launching from the monkey bridges and other nets in the middle of the morning, at 7 Laux it is at the end of the day that everything happens. End your ski day with a fabulous moment of sharing as you see the sun set behind the most beautiful mountains of the Grenoble Valley.



In this ecological park, you can also admire the flora and fauna and experience magical emotions in the illuminated forest of Prapoutel.

For safe sensations, the night course will be on the blue course after an introduction to safety instructions.

Time slots for night owls

During the winter period, i.e. during the resort operation period, the Belledonne Outdoor Adventure Park in Prapoutelwelcomes you every Wednesday with several time slots depending on the season.

Depending on the schedule, you will be able to:

– See the horizon tingling with the most beautiful colors. Breathtaking images that will leave you with wonderful memories

– Admire the first glimmers of twilight when the sky has lost its red glowing colors

– Enjoy a session in the dark and under the lights


Whether in summer or winter, don’t miss this must-see location for your holiday and enjoy a wonderful sunset shot in the Tree Climbing Course.

Why is it so nice?
Fill up with sensationsstrong
Living an experienceunique and unforgettable
Contemplating an sunsetauthentic