The lac de la Jasse


Do you fancy an escape? Do you want to go hiking to discover wonderful routes above 7 Laux? Lac de la Jasse, located at 1,861 metres above sea level on the Prapoutel site, is one of the resort’s must-see hikes.

Access to

lac de la Jasse

by walking or chairlift

It will take you only an hour and a half from the Prapoutel site to reach Lac de la Jasse, located to the south-east of 7 Laux. In the summer, the bravest will climb the 500 meters of vertical drop to reach the lake and discover the magnificent panorama that opens in front of them. Those who prefer to save their strength, will choose to climb using the Chamois chairlift. When the chairlift arrives, Lac de la Jasse is only a 15-minute walk away.

Once at the lake, nothing prevents you from walking down to the resort. It will be an opportunity to admire the landscape, marvel at the flora or observe the fauna.

You can opt to take a weekly card to take the chairlift and thus multiply your hiking opportunities above Prapoutel.

Family hike

If you can barely distinguish it in the winter when you pass over the Prapoutel ski slopes, in the summer this small body of water, well known to hikers, cannot be missed. At the foot of the Cime de la Jasse, Lac de la Jasse is a family hiking goal that presents no difficulty (even without taking the chairlift). Surrounded by pastures, it is a perfect picnic spot in a totally bucolic setting at the foot of the Oudis dome.

Thanks to the Chamois chairlift, the hike to Lac de la Jasse is accessible to all, including young children. Trails avoiding the ski slopes make it easy to reach the resort. However, you have to be wearing proper footwear, since access to the lake from the Chamois chairlift landing is over rocks.

Why is it so nice?
Breathing fresh air in the mountains
View an exceptional panorama
Share a picnic with family or friends