The Tour d'Avalon

In Saint Maximin

Located in Saint-Maximin in the Vallée de Grésivaudan, about 30 km from Prapoutel or Pipay, the 33-metre-high Avalon Tower is a testament to the history of the 14th century.

The Tour d’Avalon stands proudly in the very first raised areas of the Belledonne massif and gives rise to wonderful hiking routes in Haut-Bréda and around 7 Laux.



Classified as a historical monument, the Tour d’Avalon is an integral part of the historical heritage of the Vallée du Grésivaudan and the Haut-Bréda. It was built by the Chartreux fathers on an old dungeon. Indeed, in the year 1,000 era the lords of the Wallon-Romestang family of Avalon owned a feudal castle there. The Avalon Tower erected on these ruins is built of limestone and stone”. Flanked by a neo-byzantine chapel, you can admire 3 levels with a terrace made of machicoulis (overhanging defensive structure). Its interior diameter is 8 meters.

Located near the Torrent du Gleysin, the Forge an Moulins de Pinsot form an excellent walking base around 7 Laux. An original idea for a family outing for the summer to discover the world of blacksmiths of yesteryear and that of millers. During this visit, young and old were introduced to the gestures of the craftsmen of yesteryear, as well as the history of blacksmithing and that of the Pays d’Allevard, whose activity was based on iron mines.

“A very well-preserved monument full of history”

A tour of the summits 

Once you have visited the Tour d’Avalon, do not cut short your pleasure and continue to discover the Vallée du Haut-Bréda by going on an excursion, before going back to the 7 Laux resort. Indeed, from the Tour d’Avalon you can take a wonderful walk along the Bréda and on the hillsides of Saint-Maximin. An easy half-day walk that will extend this discovered time with the family.

On the way back, nothing prevents you from stopping to visit another of the jewels of the Vallée du Grésivaudan and a witness to a glorious past: Fort Barraux

Why do we have to go there?
To discoverthe historical heritage
Tofill upon history
Toadmirean overview of the Vallée du Grésivaudan