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Discover an original museum not far from 7 Laux, in Pinsot, more precisely.

The Vallée du Haut-Bréda, was indeed rich in activities such as iron work from the mine to the forge. The Forge and Moulins de Pinsot, allow you to dive back into the work of yesteryear where the forge was still used to shape the tools or to discover how oil or wheat was pressed to make flour.

A forge and mills

Located near the Torrent du Gleysin, the Forge and Moulins de Pinsot form an excellent walking base around 7 Laux. An original idea for a family outing for the summer to discover the world of blacksmiths of yesteryear and that of millers. During this visit, young and old were introduced to the gestures of the craftsmen of yesteryear, as well as the history of blacksmithing and that of the Pays d’Allevard, whose activity was based on iron mines.

“In the heart of the mountain village of Pinsot, discover a living and original museum”

Temporary exhibitions

In addition to the cultural walk, don’t miss the temporary exhibition of the forge and the  Moulins de Pinsot, which showcases the talents of young sculptors who fashion iron into works of art.

Why do we have to go there?
To meet and exchange with working-class farmers of the Vallée du Haut-Bréda

Relaxation and tranquility

Torediscover the gestures of craftsmen

Surprising places to stay

To visit the beautiful and wild Vallée du Haut-Bréda

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