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Exploring the

lakes of 7 Laux

A renowned ski area on the Massif de Belledonne, the 7 Laux resort is also a well-known and remarkable site for its many hiking trails.


Lakes with exceptional colours

Among the remarkable points of the site are the 7 Laux lakes whose contour represents a magnificent hiking route. The 7 Laux Tour is a real hiking idea, although it is difficult and reserved for savvy hikers.

A complete tour of the 7 lakes

From Prapoutel, this 39 km hike passes through many high-altitude lakes in the heart of GR®38. It will therefore take several days to be able to achieve it.

  • Lac Noir: The black lake is the first of the lakes that can be reached in the tour of the 7 lakes. It’s the smallest of the lakes, but it allows you to reach a little higher the EDF chalet which offers a magnificent view of the other lakes.
  • Lac Carré: Square lake is located on the edge of a dam and it takes 1 hour and a half to go around and reach the Lac de la Sagne and the 7 Laux shelter (this 7 Laux hikeactually takes several days)
  • Lac de la Motte: This lake with its special cut-out allows above all to have a wonderful view of the snow-capped peaks.
  • Lac Cottepens: It is without a doubt the largest of the 7 Laux lakes. It’s a very peaceful place.
  • Lac du Cos: This lake is located upstream of Lac Cottepens. It offers an unobstructed view of the Crête des Liettes and the Col de la vache (cows pass).
  • Lac Jeplan: This lake is very flat, but it draws its beauty from the rock bar that flows into it.
  • Lac de la Corne: In the hollow of a verdant combe that has in the background the Massif Pic des Eustaches. This lake offers a truly idyllic setting in the tour of the lakes.
  • Lac de la Sagne:  This lake is one of the most beautiful peaks of this hike around the 7 Laux lakes. On the shores of this lake you can admire the Rissiou or the great peak of Belledonne

For hiking enthusiasts, the tour of the 7 Laux lakes is a really happy hike.

Each lake can also be hiked to discover a magical site

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